Instructions: Dye paper with acrylics and make roses

Flowers are a nice decoration and a welcome gift. Roses, on the other hand, are true classics that always arrive well. But it does not necessarily have to be real flowers.

Made of paper, you can craft beautiful roses in no time at all, which can compete loosely with real roses and guaranteed to last much longer. Acrylic colors give the paper roses their pretty color.

Basically every paper can be processed. And it does not have to be new paper. On the contrary, this craft project is ideal for processing waste paper, packaging papers and paper remnants. From the paper, however, depends on how the finished paper roses look later.

If you want a gentle color, you can grab wrapping paper or brown paper bags from the last purchase of fruit or bread. This dark recycled paper absorbs only a little of the acrylic colors and the colors do not radiate very intensely due to the dark background.

The paper roses look like real, dried flowers. If, on the other hand, you want to produce roses in bright colors, you are well advised to use white or at least light paper.