Flowers are certainly a good subject for a variety of occasions

For acrylic painting that is certainly true. Which flowers you especially like to paint, even after instructions depends on which flowers you like. But also the “meaning” of the flowers, plays a major role as a motif choice for acrylic painting. This is especially true if you want to give away your self-painted artworks as well.

The “messages” that can be conveyed with acrylic painting and flowers include:

– The Alpenrose, is a symbol of the lovers and secret admirer, with which one can “ask” the recipient, when one can see him again.

– The Belladonna, is the symbol of the classic vamp. This plant is particularly well suited to be given to a lady who is both beautiful and dangerous.

– The edelweiss, is the symbol of endless beauty and is given away by “admirers” who admire someone very much. As a rule, the ladies are the recipients, but there is nothing against the initiative of a lady.

– The strawberry blossom is certainly more often a flower that can give the ladies too. Because it stands as a “symbol” for the “immature” of a worshiper. Of course, one or the other man will sometimes stumble upon an admirer who deserves a strawberry blossom.

– The tulip is very popular in many paintings of acrylic painting. If you also want to pay attention to the symbolism, then you should be a little more careful. Because a tulip certifies the recipient that this is not capable of real sensation.