Color paper with acrylics and make roses – the instructions

The paper roses are created in two steps. First of all, the paper is dyed. And after the paper has dried, the roses are formed from it. But one after anonther!

The paper is dyed in a bath of water and acrylic paints. For a flat, sufficiently large vessel is filled with little water. If necessary, the paper is cut to fit in the vessel. If you want, you can also crumple the paper and then pull it apart again. In the creases and folds, the color sets later stronger and it creates a kind of marble pattern.

Then several drops of acrylic paint are added to the water. Whether only one or more colors are used, is left to your own taste. Now there are several possibilities:

The acrylic paint can stay as it is. On the paper then large color fields can be seen. However, this is only the case for the first one or two papers. After that, the splashes of color automatically mix and the paper becomes more and more colorful.

The acrylic paint can be easily pulled apart with the brush. As a result, it connects in places with each other, but the individual color fields remain visible.

The acrylic paint can be completely mixed with the water. This creates a uniform color.