Acrylic paintings are popular when it comes to painting the hobby

But what is also very popular is the flower. Flowers are painted in a variety of acrylic variations, so it’s no wonder you’ll find at least a small description of floral painting in almost all acrylic painting manuals.

From roses to tulips, daisies, gladioli, orchids and many other flowers, you can create a small design (or search) and transfer it to the canvas. Of course, this does not have to be the classic still life in a vase and in front of a window, because you can also give the flower a completely different background.

Furthermore, you can also use his different pictorial techniques acquired to represent the same flower in a completely different way. Because of the high symbolic power that individual flowers can have with the “choice of motive” and the “own state of mind” they represent appropriately. If one is “in love” or rather “glitch of love”, one can insert acrylic paintings in which one chooses the floral motif, considered as a symbol of the respective mental state.

Of course, you can also include flowers for a specific occasion in acrylic colors, and then give them as gifts for weddings, births or birthdays. For those who know something about painting and acrylic paints, they usually have no problem creating a suitable gift for someone.

In the mind of the recipient, we must also think about the taste of the recipient. When you paint acrylic paints, use a presentation guide that suits you perfectly. This prevents you from bringing “stress” a bad gift and the recipient a pinch of “thank you smile”. Acrylic colors with flowers are often an individual and practical gift if you pay attention to some details when you paint.